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Dont Miss Namaz

Dont Miss Namaz

Dont Miss Namaz
Dont Miss Namaz
"A salat with Jamaat ish 27 times superior to salat performed individually." ( Fadail -i-Namaz) 
Jabir ibn Abdullah (RA) narrated that Allah's Messenger (SAW) said,” They key to paradise is the salah and the key to the salah is ablution."


1. Salaat was the first and the foremost thing ordained by Allah, and it shall be the first and the foremost thing to be reckoned for on the Day of Judgement.
2. Salaat is the mark of Islam. A person who performs his salaat on time with sincerity and devotion, observing all its regulations including the Mustahabbaat, is surely a Mo'min.
3. Of all things that have been ordained by Allah, Imaan and salaat are the most valued. If there were any otber thing better than salaat, then Allah would have ordained it for His Angels, some of whom are always in ruku and others in sajdah.
4. Salaat is the pillar of Islam.
5. Salaat is the light of a Mo'min.
6. Of all the good practices, salaat performed on time is most loved by Allah.
7. Allah likes most the posture of a person when he is in sajdah, putting his forehead on the ground in humility.
8. Sa1aa.t is a key to Paradise.
9. A person in salaat is like a person who knocks at the door of the sovereign Lord, and the door is always opened for him who knocks.
10. If a person wishes to have his sins forgiven by Allah, he should perform the wudhu properly, offer with devotion two or four rak'aats of fardh or nafl and then pray to Allah. Allah will forgive him.


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